Just caught this great interview (Living Style: Bring Colors out of the shadows) by Kelly Porter over at Sherwin Williams.

As design professionals, we know lighting is a crucial element to consider when selecting room colors. Natural light affects colors differently than artificial light. Incandescent bulbs present colors differently than fluorescent and LED ones. And the absence of light and lighting is just as crucial to picking colors: Designers need to educate clients about how the lack of lighting affects a space. Read it at Sherwin Williams.

It reminded me of another piece at Sherwin Williams that really proves the point that light and color matter. It was about choosing paint colors for special needs adults & kids. Fact is, colors really do matter. From the post:

“Colors matter. They affect us in every way, every day. They sway moods, provoke thought, stimulate conversation and appetite. They calm us, cheer us, rev us up and even depress us. Color is emotional, cultural, sensory and cognitive,” says Buscemi. Read more.