Getting ready for a home remodel requires a bit of planning – it starts with the ideas in your idea folder and continues up until construction begins.

1. Use an Idea Folder

I have one, and you might too – and if you don’t, you should. It all usually starts with an idea folder. This is where you’ll put those ripped-out pages from magazines with amazing kitchen cabinetry, magnificent earth-toned great rooms, and spa-like bathrooms. When you’re ready to start planning a project, don’t forget to sift through your idea folder for ideas and inspiration!

2. Get Ready

Go around the room, step-by-step. Think and write down every single change or feature you are planning to do, and what it will require. What will moldings and trim look like? If you’re removing a wall, will you need additional flooring for newly-opened areas? Are appliance delivery dates set? Are sinks, faucets, dispensers, shelving, lighting and other elements on hand and ready for installation? Remember – not having all of the materials on hand can lead to delays – and costs.  If you will be ordering materials, make sure all items are on site or scheduled delivery.

3. Great Time to Edit

Since you’re going to be emptying the room – do it right! Take time before the remodel to sort through and edit clothing, knick-knacks and other items. Most folks simply throw everything into boxes until construction is done, then return it to shelves, drawers, closets and cabinets.

You are likely going to find plenty of things tucked away and forgotten that you will never use. Donate it, put it in storage…but get rid of that clutter!  Remember when you are taking apart the room to keep easy access to your favorite items as you might need them.

4. Prep the Room – and Plan Alternatives

Your room is about to have surgery, and you’re going to have to make decisions. Realistically, if the kitchen sinks aren’t connected – what will you use? If you run into problems setting the tub, what’s the fallback plan? Having plans in place to deal with the unexpected can save you huge amounts of stress.

Also make sure that any furniture or items you’ve moved out of the remodel area won’t interfere with the movements of any family or any workmen about the house. Remember: you will have dust…there’s no getting around it. Reduce its impact with plastic sheeting between construction areas and other parts of the house. Try to plan movements into and out of the remodeling area to further minimize its impact on the rest of the household.


What do you do to get ready from a major remodeling project?