Italian company Casagrande Padana is turning out its own self-cleaning ceramic that works like trees, removing nitrogen oxide produced by car exhaust from the atmosphere. This is tile and technology at its best.

Believe it or not, tiles have – and still are – changing with the times.

Self-Cleaning Tiles – Jealous of the Self-Cleaning Oven?
Self cleaning tiles are here, they’re thin, and can be used for wall or floor installation. They can even be installed over existing tile, reducing installation costs and demolition mess.

Wondering where the technology comes from?  Seriously, who else but the Italians would create a tile like this?  Italian company Casagrande Padana has created tiles that – in addition to self-cleaning – are also anti-microbial and can even help clean the air in the room – making them the perfect product for busy active households.

Watch out ovens, the floor and backsplash are upping their game!