And the Winner Is…..

I’m not a big TV watcher, but I caught a popular home remodeling competition show the other day. While some of the designs were truly inspired and ranged from modern eclectic to Asian-inspired Zen-like spaces, it was the workmanship that absolutely drove me nuts.

I know the timelines the designers have on these TV shows are virtually impossible.

And I know that contractor crews come in behind the designers and fix all of those horrible design ideas and unfinished or poorly-finished areas that invariably get them booted from the show.

But it drives me nuts when clients come into our showroom with the belief that custom cabinetry can be fabricated in 48 hours. Or that a kitchen backsplash can be installed this afternoon and dishes can be washed tonight. Or that Sheetrocking a room this afternoon means a finished, painted and furnished room later tonight. Or that caulk dries in 7 minutes or less.

“Contestants, you have 6 minutes remaining!”

That’s right: forget taping, compounding and sanding. Forget primer. Forget great paint coverage. Forget letting tile set, or sealing the tile.


Over the course of twenty-odd years, we’ve learned that pros spend plenty of time wiping down freshly-laid tile. We’ve counseled clients to “please just be patient, we need to let the coat dry.” We’ve spent countless days going back and forth with contractors to make sure every little detail was addressed with cabinetry, flooring, appliances and structural work.

When well-planned, these kinds of home improvements can progress rapidly and smoothly, but a completely new kitchen from studs to completion in 24 hours?

Totally unrealistic – and probably not a kitchen you’d want to claim as your own – but it sure makes for great TV!

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